About Us
About Us

An interior designer by profession but a resin artist at heart. It was during my early designing days when I used to work with clients, I realized art is something that makes me happy. It was something that excited me and always gained my attention. Working with different colors and finding different products for my client’s home was my everyday job. That is when I decided why not create a line of product that would be unique as well as add that aesthetic beauty that people these days look for. That is where my art journey began, from trying to fill in the client requirements of finding unique art pieces to actually creating something of my own which gave me immense happiness is how I became an artist. At first I started small by creating small paintings and art pieces. Once I kept experimenting with different materials and concepts I realized art came naturally to me and my work was actually being appreciated. That is when I took it up more seriously and created an Instagram page and started selling my work online.

I now work with resin to create home décor pieces like tray sets, designer wall clocks, cupcake stands, coasters etc to huge commission wall art geode pieces to brighten up the dull walls. I also take resin workshops because I believe power is gained by sharing knowledge and not hoarding it.

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